Neurohacking for Athletic Performance

It has been said that in Sports, success is 90% mental and 10% psychical. So when was the last time you worked on upgrading your mental game?

Even if you are not an athlete you can apply the principals of neurohacking to improve your performance in all aspects of your life.

You already use substances to neurohack yourself. Caffeine, alcohol, over the counter medicine, and other drugs are all forms of neurohacking.

Ancient cultures used ceremony, ritual and other practices to neurohack their perceptions and experience.

Athletes have been using mental rehearsal to win gold metals at the Olympics and mindfulness to stay calm during championship games.

Elias Arjan of Business Brain LLC is going to share some strategies you can use to Neurohack your life and enhance your athletic performance. Elias will interview some local athletes to provide some insights into how they apply neurohacking in their own ways.

This event is open to all athletes and non-athletes and is free thanks to our hosts RYU Venice -


Speaker Bio:
Elias Arjan studied human performance in college, was a personal trainer and triathlete. Elias translated his physical skills into the circus arts where he traveled the world performing for several years. Today Elias coaches people into high performance in the business world, but remains a dedicated biohacker, crossfitter, hiker, juggler and mountain biker. -

Note - Space is limited so please arrive early to confirm your spot. Seating may or may not be available for this event.









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November 14, 2018 at 6:00pm - 7pm
RYU Venice
1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
United States
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